worn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down

"a somewhat dog-eared duke...a bit run down"-Clifton Fadiman


an old book with dog-eared pages

Syn: ↑eared
Similar to: ↑worn

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adjective also dog's-eared
1. : having dog-ears

a dog-eared book

a somewhat dog-eared … duke, a bit run down — Clifton Fadiman

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/dawg"eard', dog"-/, adj.
1. having dog-ears: a dog-eared book.
2. shabby; worn: dog-eared furniture.
Also, dogeared.

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dogˈ-eared adjective
1. (of pages of a book) turned down like the ears of a dog
2. Hence, shabby and scruffy
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Main Entry:dog

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dog-eared UK [ˈdɒɡ ˌɪə(r)d] US [ˈdɑɡ ˌɪrd] adjective
a dog-eared page or book has been used so much that the corners or edges have become damaged or torn
Thesaurus: broken, torn or damagedsynonym

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dog-eared «DG IHRD, DOG-», adjective.
having pages with corners folded down.

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/ˈdɑːgˌiɚd/ adj [more \dog-eared; most \dog-eared]
: having some pages with the top corners folded down

All I had was a few old dog-eared copies of my favorite books.

a dog-eared magazine

— sometimes used figuratively

dog-eared jokes [=old jokes that have been told many times]

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ˈdog-eared [dog-eared] adjective
(of a book) used so much that the corners of many of the pages are turned down

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